do all jacksons above the js series have that extremely fast neck everybody talks about and wants for metal and speed riffs? thanks.
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umm the oil finished neck. i dont think all have it some do just look for the specs and it should tell if its an oil finish or its been painted on
well, mine does, i think they do. most of them... i'm not sure about neck-through models but i think that pretty much all with bolt-on neck do...
anyway, i love the neck on mine, even though i don't play metal, more like hard rock and rock.
From what i've seen, almost all of the Jackson Guitars have very fast necks.
Some are a bit thicker than others, like the DXMG's compaired to the JS30RR or any of the "V" styles"

I have a bolt on neck and i absolutly love it. Its fast and easy to work around the fret board.

Though i'd definetly suggest going to a guitar shop and trying them out for a few hours to get a feel for what you like. I almost got the JS30RR but when i finally played one i hated the feel of it.