I was lookin at phasers and was wondering if there was any difference between the MXR M-101 Phase 90, and the MXR EVH (Eddie Van Halen) Phase 90 besides the paint on it? Is there any difference in the actual quality of it?
Nah, they're basically both the same. The EVH i would think is better because it has 2 voicing modes and a BLUE led.....
You should look at the phase 100... that's something.
well the EVH model has a switch so it can go from the current block model sound to the vintage script model sound. for $50, i really dont think its worth it even if you do like the script model sound. you can even make the regular phase 90 sound like a script version with a simple mod (sound like, not have the specs of). and since all you do for that is cut something, throwing a switch between the ends of what you cut would let you switch between the sounds. so basicly for $5 added on to your price you can have the same thing minus paintjob and blue led. so IMO it isnt worth the extra price.