A buddy of mine told me that there is a difference of tone when comparing maple to rosewood. He says with rosewood, you get fuller cleaner tones. Is this true? Thanks.
well what about ebony?
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My backup guitar is a Squier and I replaced the maple neck with a fender rosewood. I just enjoy the RW alot more. It gives you a fuller sound. I'll go with the RW for rock.
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Necks are commonly made out of maple, the wood that looks white yellowish, whereas the fretboard can be rosewoods or straight from the neck's maple. AFAIK, rosewoods tend to make your tone darker and fatter, while maple gives brighter and clearer tone.
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alot of people swear they can hear a difference between different fretboard woods, and at the very least we all know there is a difference in feel.
but who can say for sure how much of that change isnt from a kind of subliminal suggestion thing? because i know human hearing memory is very short term (like a matter of seconds), and its hard to compare two different tones before and after your change a neck. and even then whos to say there werent hundreds of other factors involved like different qualities in even the same species of wood, a tiny difference in the amount of glue used to stick the fretboard on to the neck, or a heavier trussrod made of a different metal?
i guess my point is go with whatever fretboard that feels best to you (some people swear by ebony, others love maple, etc) or what you think will sound the best, cause then it probably will.
^ then how would you like a plywood neck with rosewood as fingerboard and agathis as body guitar.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
I want a maple neck on my strat project. Not that I would know the difference in tone, but as for looks I think maple fits a strat better. Plus I already have another electric and an acoustic with a rosewood fretboard.