So we pounded out this...everything is one take. This is a full band...now drums though, as it started as a rather impromptu jam on guitar+piano(drummer is on the piano), and it's impossible to dub in drums. We've drubbed in shakers, bass, electric guitar, and uh, other stuff maybe.


Some crits would be nice.
The pianist(drummer) has been playing piano for around 5 days now(and I taught him lol, I can't really play either.) So if you could pay some attention to the piano in there.
I can't really sing, so if anybody could give some feedback on the vocals(buried in the mix I know), that would be nice.
Any comments on the guitars/production/shakers/whatever else too is great.

Thanks! And as usual, crit for crit, but decent ones please. If you just say "I liked it." I'm not liable to say much more in your thread.

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I'll be honest with you just like you were with me....
The recording quality and production is pretty decent, you can hear everything clearly, the mix is nice... The tune is a bit repetetive, it sounds like chord 1 4 and 5 the whole way through, and the guitar soloing over the top is also very repetetive and non inventive.

The vocals are flat, if you want to pursue singing, I'd definately recomend some vocal training.

Sorry to rip on you dude, but you asked for honest critiques...
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Originally posted by LimeGreenLegend
Your band is the greatest band on the god damn planet & I worship you as gods among men
writing while listening.......... nice rhythm and the lead guitars cool. Dont play piano either but it sounds alright to me, not bad for 5 days. Vocals are quite good, like you said drowned in the music. Ultra critical then maybe a bit low sing up and proud. still listening to the song, reminds me of the end bit on "Naked Gun" when the band start marching past :lol:

I like it, happy up beat. Now im gonna go to work with louie louie ringing in my ears or maybe watch Naked Gun tonight. Thanks for the crit on my Arctic Monkeys *WIP*

Thanks for the crits!
I would boost the vocals, but they were recorded on the same mic as the guitar...as I said it was totally spontanious, and it started out OK, but as we added on more and more stuff, it got a bit drowned out vocal wise.

And yeah, the tune is just a I IV V, but hey, it's Louie Louie. What else can you expect!?
As for lead, yep, it's really repetative, but it wasn't really meant to be a "solo" type thing, it was just some backup to the rest. I'm personally pretty happy with the electric guitar.

As for vocals, I barely know enough about them to know what "flat" means.
Well, pitch wise they sound alright to me...lol.
And please don't even mention ripping on me, everything is welcome, and any comments I really disagree with I simply ignore.

I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
i kinda liked it, it needs work of course, the vocals are a little off and the quality isnt great, it just needs improvement, keep it up though!
A little over the top for my likings...but some people like that stuff and it was done professionally. Good job.
Overall it was great. I really liked how the shakers added to the song. On the mix maybe turn down the shakers and turn up the vocals a tad bit? If you cleaned up that lead guitar a little bit it'd be a lot better. Besides that you did a good job!
Made me think of Velvet Underground, or maybe the Kinks a little.

To be honest, I thought the singing was almost too good; it could've used a little more incoherence.

Anyways, I found it thoroughly enjoyable... I almost am thinking of adding this to my stock of computer listening material.
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That was pretty good. I liked it. All the instrument sounded really good, but like mentioned the vocals were a bit low in the mix. They didn't sound bad though, they fit with the song. Good job.
I really liked the little electric guitar lick that you played over everything; it could have used a little less gain, but it's cool nonetheless .

The shakers really add a lot to the song. Makes the song a lot fuller sounding. Nice touch .

The piano actually wasn't too bad. I heard a couple of glissandos in there and whenever I noticed the chords, they seemed to be the right ones .

I think you could've let loose on the vocals a little more. It's a fun little song, and belting out "Louie, Louie!" would've added a little extra to the song .

Nice work

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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Jesus Christ. The first guy had me down a bit...but it seems to have come out unscathed and rather loved...w00t!
Thanks for all the comments!

I might redo this with real drums...just to see what it sounds like.

Thanks, and keep 'em coming. Give me some links, you noobs!
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Sounds like you had fun with it. Its a simple song, but fun to goof off with.

Not much to crit considering it was a little jam between friends. The mixing was a tad off, but not so bad to kill it.

Whoever had any negative remarks about it... forget them. Just enjoy playing, recording and sharing it with others.... that's the way I look at it.
I Really Love this song. Yes this sound like great fun. The quality of the recording is good. If I was you I would go back and record the higher vocal harmony on the chorus, cause that sticks out in the original and it was kinda missed here, but hey it was a one take jam, and a fine one at that. It was hard to hear the piano at the end but what I could hear it sounded great. I thought the vocals were good, sort of Mick Jagger like. Good job guys
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i really like the piano, the vocals could use some work though, but overall it was good