And I asked if you wanted to come
In hopes of something important happening
Beyond the usual tension
Of knowing we're both obligated to ignore our feelings
At least
I am

You stopped slow and graceful
Pointing out the obvious
And I tried hard not to act

The conversation, held together by the way you
Move or laugh, settled into silence

And you told me that
I should really try sushi

I guess I'm being naive and/or childish in thinking that
You ever had anything to say to me
Oh, it's sad that at my best
I can't even think realisticly.
Yeah, this is pretty good. I mean, *I* like it. It's descriptive in a relationship way. You've clearly expressed your insight into the intricacies of it, etc.
I don't get the sushi reference. I hope it's not something that only you and this guy/girl could ever 'get'.
I thought the flow was okay, considering you don't use rhyme or anything. The honest content is the strongest part of this piece, I think.
Enjoyable. Ro
Haha, unfortunately the sushi reference was a hard one. I had to pick something that wouldn't be blaringly obvious to her as well as something that does justice to the stupid things people talk about when they can't talk about the things that matter. But thanks, man.