Hi guys,

This is a work in progress!!!! Dont flame me for ****e vocals or anything, did them late at night thats why they are a bit quiet.

Just wanted a running report on how it sounds?? I think it sounds quite good for a predominantly leccy song. Ok, gotta tidy it up, add good vocals and maybe some drums but sounds wierd on an acoustic

Cheers Boys(and Girls)

I liked this, partly because the lyrics were awesome. Guitar work was nice, I like the guitar part after the first section. Guitar was pretty spotless all in all. Singing was alright, I can see them being alot better though with them sung a bit louder and with some more feeling. Very nice job. Sounds good.


If you could.

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Cheers, like i said the singin needs to be done again but i didnt want to post a song without vocals. I like that guitar bit aswell, nice and bassy and the end bits good. Turned out better than i thought it would The lyrics are classy as are most of the Arctic Monkeys songs. Check em out, you wont be dissapointed.

Thanks for the FB
one of the only Artic Monkey songs I like....and its really, good. The Guitar is spot on and the vocals are great...great feel to the song!
In the intro it sometimes sound like chords and voice are something a little off timing. could just be me though. continued listening to the song now and i really like it, youre a good singer. when you sing the chorus in the end and "scream" even though singing quietly it sounds a little akward. outro is the same thing as i said about the intro, the timing seems off.
Cheers guys. 2slick2 the intro is a bit off with the timing, the guitar is nearly right but its quite hard to get perfect. Outro is too slow with the chord changes.

Thanks for the feedback guys

Not had anytime to finish it, crappy thing called work keeps gettin in the way

keep y'all posted.