So we were practicing in the back room of a pub yesterday (which is now our weekly rehearsal space), and I noticed that my 50 watt valve combo sounded rather... ****e. Of course, this was because the volume was on about 2, not NEARLY enough to crank it enough to make it sound good. I tried EVERYTHING- cranking the preamp gain, putting up the channel volume... nothing worked. It just sounded crap.

So I'm gessing I need some kind of solid state amp that would handle practicing at home and with the band, and something that I can take to gigs, too.

The music I play is sort of alt rock, like Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena, Dizzy Q Viper, and dabbling with Muse. I use a fair bit of gain, but I mostly use a Boss ME-50 for my distortion most of the time.

my laney 65hcmr is ideal for that sort of situation as long as you use your pedal for distortion
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you could get a power attenuator, which lets you drive the preamp at full power without going deaf. However, you might not be able to connect them to some combos, but if they have special 'preamp out' and 'power amp in' jacks, you should be able to.

EDIT: some combos have the speakers connected with a jack. I think you should put the attenuator between the amp and the speaker. My mistake!
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I'm thinking of a Fender Princeton. Is this a good idea? Maybe getting a Stage 1000 would be a good idea since I could use it at gigs
are you sure one of your tubes isn't broke in the amp? tube amps sound better loud due to harmonic distortion but it doesn't mean they sound **** when they're on normal volume. Seeing as you have an M-50 i guess you don't need a modelling amp, so fender SS would be transparent enough to use.
What are some good, cheap power attenuators? I'm thinking of getting one.
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