hi i got a new Epi les paul last week with a hard case, and it came with a set of keys which i guess is for the lock, problem is, i cant lock it! no matter where i turn in what direction or how far or hard i try, it still reopens normally.

im takin it in to school tomorrow and id really feel alot safer with this lock thing down.....
Original Epi Hardcases are right pains when they're usually new to lock and unlock,

Just keep trying really,

Eventually it'll 'pop' into place.
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id like to second what the person above me said, and also, dont trust the lock too much because they are easy to pick and almost any other key of that type can unlock them. i used a key from one of my cases to open one of my brothers cases. then i also used a key from a set of handcuffs to open his case. maybe that just happens to be true for my family's cases, but it could be true for yours too. good luck
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