Yea so I am going to change my PRS's strings soon, and usually I have been bias towards the DR Hi Beam LTR-9s (Lighter-9s). I am thinking that maybe its time to step up to 10s in strings. So what I am asking is:

1. Will there be any problems on my guitar if I switch to 10s? Will anything have to be adjusted?
2. Any disadvantages or advantages. I am thinking that with the strings a little bigger, it may be harder to bend at first, but there may be a bit more stability. Lately I think my fingers may have been getting bigger and its a little harder for them to grip the strings. Will 10s solve that?

Ok so thats all . Thanks all for helping me out.
How about 9-46? Same light gauge on the unwounds, and heavier bass strings.
10's will give a fuller tone...don't know about grip though

10's will be harder to bend and the bending difficulty will depend on your neck scale

you made need to tighten your truss rod as 10's will apply more pressure.

Truss rdo's are delicate things so i recommend you get a professional to do it for you - you don't want to warp your neck
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