Hawaii Five-O

This is something I did a while back. I'd always wanted to cover this song.

I did change it a little bit to put a small solo section in, but the rest of it follows the song pretty much to the "T". The drum track was probably the hardest part. You don't realize it when you listen to it, but there is some quirky stuff going on with that drum line.
Thanks! I was a little hesitant to put that section in there....and I only did it at first just to see what it would sound like. I took it out and my wife asked me what happened to the solo section so I figured I'd put it back in.

That's a fun section right there just to loop and go crazy with too.
Wow, that was awesome. And the solo section was definitely worth keeping. Keep up the good work!
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well, that changes EVERYTHING!!!
thats great. what do you use to play it scale/key wise? or do you just noodle on the fretboard?
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thats great. what do you use to play it scale/key wise? or do you just noodle on the fretboard?

I play the song in "C", but I can't answer the question on scale stuff. I have never learned theory and when I play something, I don't know what the hell I'm playing. I just play what I want to hear, always have.

Theory is something I should get into, if only to have a better understanding of the instrument. I just haven't gotten into it quite yet.

I started on guitar at the age of 7 (I'm 35), and I was able to pick up what I was hearing quickly enough to not bother learning to read music. There are times when I wish I had learned more at a younger age. But at the same time, I don't like to get too analytical about anything. I just want to play. If what I play sounds good to me, then I'm okay with it and won't get into the particulars of what I did.
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fantastic. very professional, what's your setup?

For this tune, I used an old Crate that I've had for eons. I don't even know the model number on the damn thing because it's all faded out. I bought it off of a friend of mine long, long ago and strictly used it as a practice amp. My main setup was in the shop getting a footprint gas pedal installed at the time and the Crate was all I had.

(Honestly, the Marshall setup I normally use had the reverb take a crap on me, so I took it to a friend who does miracle work with electronics and he hooked me back up)

The guitar I used is my old, trusty Kramer Beretta. (the one in the pic on my soundclick page)

I bought that thing used years ago for around $200 bucks and it's one of my favorite guitars. It's never let me down. Ever.