Feel free to take a shot at any of it. Most of it is instrumental although "Not All About You" has lyrics. I've been told that "Devoid" and "Overnighter" are my two best songs. Tell me what you think. Don't hold back. I ain't a pussy. I can handle criticism.

I like the tone you got on "Devoid".

One thing that I think will really make your playing stand out would be if you learned some vibrato techniques. I think you'll find a big surprise in what just a little bit of vibrato can do to color your leadwork.

One thing you can do to help with this is play along to the lead singer on one or two of your favorite albums. I used to try and emulate Steve Perry's voice. It helped my phrasing and knowledge of the fretboard immensely.

You're on the right track, just need a little bit of polishing up my friend.
There are a few songs in there I use some vibrato. I do agree I should use it more often. I just don't wanna be a guy who overuses a technique or effect. You know like how Hammet is glued to his wah or Yngwie sweeps diminished patterns to no end. I guess I gotta find my balance. Thanks for the advice man.
Just a few questions..(has nothing to do with this thread..)

Who's the lead guitarist of Skid Row and what tuning does Mötley Crüe usen on songs like kickstart my heart and home, sweet home?