Hey people. Im looking for a new guitar, with a more bluesy sound than my current one, suitable for playing stuff like Floyd and Hendrix etc. I dont want one of those big archtops, I was thinking some kind of fender strat but i only have about £300 to spend. Also would a H-S-S setup be suitable for the kind of thing i want? what do you guys think?
if you want a start get one for £300 and then save up some money to change the pick ups on it
Well, you could get a fat strat, or what i would really recommend you getting is Ibanez SA260FM or push a bit and you could get Ibanez SAS36FM. Both have true duo bucker system included, really good.
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I'd say a SSS setup would be best for Floyd and Hendrix. As Gilmour and Hendrix both use singles.

A Fender Standard Strat would be great for what you want
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go for a mexican strat HSS. they're only 375 american dollars and they're great guitars for the style of music you like to play and they're good for their price range.
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just find a mexican strat on ebay or used, with a hss, which you could probably get a used one for about 200-250, depending on quality, then have a coil tap installed. you get the best of both worlds.
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yeh a Mexi strat but play the guitar before you buy it because there are some pretty shoddy guitars also mate what amp do you use?
I have a Marshall MG but really i want something with a wider variety of tones and that can take a distortion pedal.
Well im not getting a new amp yet but i'll have about £250 when i do get one. I don't want anything fancy with SFX on it, just one with a decent quality and sound.