I tried to play the "Spider"- Riff (012013...) With alternate picking but for me its very difficult to play. How do you play it? Just downstrokes?

Yep, all downstrokes is the correct way to do it, so that it sounds correct. Hetfield downpicks almost everything.
I play the whole song with downstrokes. (And yes - I can alternate pick )
I find that riff is harder when you alternate pick it.... Try using all downstrokes - it sounds better and it will build your picking hand speed.

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it's played all downstrokes, like the rest of the rhythm in the song
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Yeah master of puppets is how i increased my pickign speed. And why is it called the spider riff?
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I find it very hard, been practising to play it with downstrokes for a while now, it actually gets better and better, wich i doubted i would. just practise and practise and practise, you´ll get after a while.
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That's weird, everyone here uses only downpicks but i alternate pick that riff. Still sounds good though, so I ain't complaining.


I'm also practising MoP at the moment and even though I try to alternate pick it all this riff is just much easier when you downpick everything (execpt maybe when you play the B twice). You could ofcourse also try to alternate pick it while starting with an upstroke, this might make it easier but for me it just kinda went against my natural sence of rythem.
well its supposed to be Downpicked thats just hetfieldsstyle i down pick it but just do whats comfortable to you
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Quote by Morgy
That's weird, everyone here uses only downpicks but i alternate pick that riff. Still sounds good though, so I ain't complaining.

though if you downpick it, it sounds kinda sounds more heavy IMO.
i don't downpick it just cause hetfield does it a certain way, for the record hetfield is the guy that got me into alt picking cause i watch a ****load of concert footage and most of their stuff is alt picked, hell he even alt picks fade to black rythm which just seems ridiculous (look at the rythm riff, why would you alt pick that?).

I personally don't shy from a challenge and am learning master of puppets with alt picking as alt picking sounds the same as down stroke for me and alt picking is a skill that i like to have, besides, i can learn it alt picking and then choose to play it all downstrokes easy, whereas learning it all downstroking and alt picking it is pretty steep transition.
When playing this I either use only downstrokes or I use D-D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-D Starting from the open E to the final Up-down when you play the 2nd fret on the A twice, I find the outside picking helps you get back to the low E to play a bit faster, Useful for me to warm up with. Then play it down's only to play it the 'proper' way =P

And I'm guessing it's called the spider riff as your hand opens up and spreads like a spider's legs when you're playing it.

I think.
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It takes practice, but you will never get the same percussive sounds playing it with alternate picking. It MUST be played with all down strokes to get it to sound right. Actually, that's true of most Metallica songs. Downpick all the way.
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I find it muuuuch easier with alt picking, but that's because I suck at downpicking .
i remember trying and trying to play that song all the way through with the correct picking, it took me playing it atleast everyday for about 3 months before i could do it all the way through without my hand getting too tired....

now i still play it pretty much once a day or 2 just to keep my picking speed up and i get through it noproblem...

if you are gonna learn it you have to learn it the right way, thats just the rules for master of puppets
Straight downpicked, the whole time.
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Yeah master of puppets is how i increased my pickign speed. And why is it called the spider riff?

The Spider riff is called the Spider riff because your hand looks like s spider whilst doing it.

HOWEVER, the012013014 bit isn't actually the spider riff.

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i downpick that whole thing. i think it sounds better.
starts to cramp the hand, so i slow down a bit in the verse
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my hands a pussy, i cant downpick it. i couldnt tell you if it sounds right or not, everything sounds bad through a Squier amp.

but on topic, i actualyl do it D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-D-D-U-DD etc etc.