This time it's unforgivable
You had your last chance
this time you ****ed it up
But all it took was one glance
you had your fun
but what's done is done
And you can't forget it
I'm Choking
Let me breathe one last time

And I'm letting go
of all these feelings you left inside of me
Releasing my soul along with them.


All the things we ever said
Must have meant nothing
All the things we should've done
Just Came Crashing down (Crashing Down)

Verse 2:
Your Mascara
Running down your face
Sobbing your way through this
This is something you cannot embrace



Outro singing:

This isn't a game
I'll take no shame
You left in a flood
Of your own blood
I thought I had the world
But now it's gone
Only you can save me
You are The One.
WOW WAY TO GO!!!!! i really appreciate this peice, especiallly since it happend to me...
everything flows great, nice word choice...notihing worng that i saw....

keep on keepin on
peace out
To be honest, i think it was pretty bad, but it can always get better so good luck

oh and the chorus is pretty good!
ya i was going to sorry here we go

first of all the idea is good, probobly about a girl who ripped your ass off, i like the anger
but the first part "you ****ed up"etc. is angry and harsh, thats good... but then you get all pussy whipped like "all these feelings inside of me" no no no, you gotta stay tough cus thats what you established in the begaining... its hard to write this kinda song and not make it emo and ****, but you can do it, keep it emotional, but tough and angry, not sad and suicidal