hi, just wondering if any of you guys tune pretty low to say drop c or something using a 24.75 or 25" scale guitar? If so what gauge strings do you use?

I tune to C Standard alot now since I have been listening to Arch Eenemy, I heard them cover Aces High and I was like, holy ****. I use Dean Markley 13-56.
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I can easily get down to drop C on my Les Paul with 10s, the low E is just a bit floppy though, but still playable.
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Depends if you have thick enough strings, mesa thinks.
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I like Dean Markley cryogenically frozen strings. What gauges would you recommend?

12s or 13s.
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i use 10-56 gauge with my guitar in drop C, they're pretty much perfect, enough tension in the bass trings and much manuverability on the treble strings