Alright well over my time at UG i've learned that tube is the way to go.

I'm much more concerned about having a good distortion then having a good clean on the amp. I still want decent cleans, but the distortion is more important.
I play a variety of music from hardcore/screamo to indie/ambient...examples of bands would be like As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Hatebreed, 30 Seconds to Mars, Early November, Taking Back Sunday, you could say fall out boy sound on older stuff and sugar were goin down, and all that stuff, but more so hardcore music then emo/pop-punk

I am pretty much looking for a gigable amp. I've currently played a couple cover songs with bands and hope to form my own band soon, so i need something loud enough to not be miked up in a few situations. I dont care if it's a combo or a stack, but i want to make sure the amp has an output/ext speaker output incase i can get a cab and use that combo as a stack.

Effects aren't a must on the amp, i dont need all the digital effects since i already have a multi-effect pedal. I plan on getting a metal pedal after i purchase the amp too just so i can get another distortion out of it. But i dont need anything like delay or any speacial effects because i dont r eally play with reverb or delay, and if i ever do want to do a song with an effect i can use the pedal, that thing has a great bypass

Here's a few amps i've been looking at, anyone have any feedback with any of these, hearing it would be helpful

Solid States
Vox AD100vt
Randall G3 100 or 200
Hughes and Ketter Matrix 100
Roland Cube 60 (might not be loud enough)

Randall RGTC50
Peavy Valuveking 212
Ashdown Fallen Angel 40C 112

Im tight on a budget, and dont want to spend much more then 600 if i can. Remember this is my first amp other then a 10watt practice amp, so i dont need the greatest amp ever, just something i can gig with, but i dont want a pos ether.
If you mainly play those heavier styles, than you won't need a great deal of versatility. An Ashdown Fallen Angel should be able to get the tones you're after. However, I think you'd be best off to look into Peavey XXX combos (112, Super 40, ect.)
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the ashdown should get you most of those tones. also if u get the ashdown (dunno bout the other amps sorry) im sure as hell you wouldnt need a metal pedal, it has an assload of gain by itself.
how about the Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 DSP head

off musicians friend i could have the head and cab for 950$...which might be worthy of me saving up for (i can get my local guitar company to ship it in for me)

How much do tube replacements cost? That's nothing i've ever looked into.

any feedback on any of the amps is welceom, thanks for the feedback already guys
ok i think you should look into getting a 5150 combo off ebay 500 USD normally. if you search hard you can find the halfstck for under 1000 mine was 970 with shipping. and the 5150 sounds perfect for you it is the essential hardcore amp cleans arent amazing but you said that not important the distortion is amazing and with a chorus pedal the cleans are pretty good
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^Listen to him. 5150's are pretty sweet
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