Hey, I dunno if this is the right thread for this, but it was my best guess.

I'm looking for something to play along with at the moment, while I'm learning. I'd like to get something like an audio separation program... so that I can say drop out the guitar to a song, or hear only the guitar. Stuff like that. What *exactly* are those called? And what are a few good ones? Thanks for the help!
as far as i know there is no software that will take the guitar out of an mp3 track, too bad tho. i think the closest ur gonna get i something like guitar pro where there are different tracks for different instruments and u can choose volume for each of them. i use guitar pro 5 have recorded different parts from it to use as backing tracks. guitars sound realistic on the new guitar pro however the drums suck.
Tascam makes a product that does exactly what you want. It is not a program but it does have a line out that you can plug into a stereo or whatever.
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