I am going to buy a fender telecaster at the end of the month but i am stuck between two. One is the classic 50's telecaster with a maple neck and other is the classic 60's telecaster with a rosewood neck. Apart from this fact they are both pretty much the same, the price of each one is £379. The deciding factor is basically between the maple or rosewood neck because i am not sure which is better. If it helps to name musical styles i will. I play mostly classic rock, indie, modern rock, punk and blues.

Cheers for your help guys!!
it really depends, they sound and feel totally differnt

maple gives a brighter tone, and they feel pretty nice if its got a nice laquer on it
i like maple for clean tones

rosewood gives a more heavier tone, feels great, rosewood can really do anything

I think you'll like rosewood more try them out at a store just to check and see how it is for you.
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the entire neck or fingerboard

50's- Neck and fingerboard are both maple. Also body is ash.

60's- Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Also body is alder.

That should clear it up a little.
Which would you guys say is better.
Get the one with the ash body. Screw the neck Ash is my favorite wood for Fenders. I also like maple fretboards on Teles. Are the neck shapes different, though? I like the V and U shaped necks rather than the modern or classic C shapes. But that's complete personal preference; however, you should be aware there might be a difference. I know the '52 reissue has a U-shaped, softly V'd neck.
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You should plug them both in and play them. I like rosewood better but you have two different bodies to consider also. Ash and Alder have slightly different sounds that might affect your choice.

You really can't go wrong with either one.
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I'd get the 60s. Alder + rosewood is quite a good combination coz alder is bright and rosewood sorta give a lil' bit of balance to the brightness.
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Im getting an american strat that has a maple fretboard and I didnt notice a different feel, it felt fine and my strat copy has a rosewood fretboard so with me it just depends on what I think looks better
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