I cannot decide on getting the PreSonus INSPIRE firewire device

or getting this soundcard
and this mixer

Right now I am just wanting to interface my guitar into my pc to use guitar rig, but will be recording on it as well, later. I also have a condencer mic I will be using. Both options look pretty good, but would like opinions on who has used these. Using the mixer and soundcard you would be using the RCA connections, are they ok? I have read so much on here already but have narrowed it down to these two
go with the inspire.

basically they do the exact same thing but the inspire has great preamps. 10x better than the behringer's. also, its firewire, meaning portability, universalityness(lol, you get it), and laptop compatability. get the inspire.

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or get the soundcard and a nice tube preamp for your mics. that would probably sound better than both of those options. but of the two, i would also say the inspire because the behringer doesnt seem that great to me.