hey guys, i'm a n00b at guitar effects and stuff, but i have the digitech rp80 pedal, and when i set the expression pedal to wah on a distortion/overdrive/fuzzbox effect, it gives it mad feedback and makes it sound way less distorted and heavy as i would like it to be. please tell me if there are any ways i can fix this problem. thanks guys

EDIT: just to let you all know, i'm playing a 94 Fender Strat through a CRATE 20 watt bass amp (because i'm a bass player first and i cant afford a guitar amp)
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hmm..well start with the most obvious solution, is your amplifier on it's clean channel?
well as mentioned before, you should have your amp on the clean channel and use the amp model built into the pedal (which are pretty cool btw) to get distortion. If you must stick to your amp distortion then use a high level noise gate on ur pedal to drown the sound and try playing further away from the amp. Good luck
my amp is on clean seeing as i have no distortion channel. i am playing a regular guitar, not a bass, in case thats what you were thinking. its not like a buzz or anything, because i already know that backing away fixes that perfectly. its not a buzz, its a loud screeching sound EDIT: when i try to sustain a note. like it just starts screeching like 2 seconds after the note is sustained.
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