I was starting to write a song about..well myself. But it turned into something else. It's a very simple song with some corny rhymes, but I kinda like it It's supposed to be fast flowing sung with attitude :p

"Did you know I am two persons? I don't now why.
One part of me's a storm, one part is it's eye.
When something doesn't suit me, when I don't hit the ball,
I can turn the smallest pond into a waterfall"

"But after lying down and taking a breath,
I find my Nirvana just like after death.
Then all I have to do is walk up and say hi,
and every girl will think I am the sweetest guy"

"Hopefully I'll wake up on my better side.
If I don't I warn you, ye you better hide.
If you look inside me you might find me calm,
but you never know if you will get my fist or my palm"


"One look is never enough to judge,
watch out or come closer if you want my touch.
You can have me but I run on rocket fuel,
so beware, because I'm unpredictable"

"Now when you know me better, what do you think?
Should I stay the way I am or should I see a shrink?
I could tell you more about my history,
but the point is that I have split personality"

"I'm like an old radio that's hard to tune in
you might find your station, or end up in between"

Gratz if you made it to the end, bit long I know and not very...uhm deep. Still not finished tho.. well, cheers
"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are" Kurt