lol - this is a song me and my friend made as a rap, cuz we were bored, but after a bit of revision, its actually not that bad:

Caught in the middle of hipocracy
Its not what you thought,
what you thought you'd be
But this is no democracy

Leave me to rot
Blind me, so I can't see
But I know your lot
So don't bother lying to me

Cuz I'm anarchy!
Why can't you tell?
So listen here and now
As I yell

I want to be free
Free from your sins
I'll never give up
I'll never give in

Cuz i'm anarchy!
Why can't you tell?
Why can't you see?
rap sucks! rap
rock on mutha ****a
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too cliched, and sounds like limp bizkit...which is the same thing

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rap sucks! rap
rock on mutha ****a

i know /\

thats why i changed it - if you want the full story: my friend made up a line "caught with some pot i the middle of hipocracy" (we make rap and country paradies alot) - i kinda liked it so, i made this...still out of boredom.