You know that wire that goes to you thing you plug ur amp metal thing...the wire is fell off inside it.I was making it have less buzzing on my guitar and it like broke..can i fix it?
Yah for sure, you just need to replace the wiring. I think it can be done just take it in.
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put the wires as close together as you can. put the jack on a clamp to hold it in place and solder. it really quite simple.
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you should probably take it to shop. Its a very cheap and fast proceedure..but its always safe to take it in.
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I had the same thing happen with my Epiphone I took it to Guitar Center and it cost $20.

Just save your cash, GCs do major rip off, you can do this like 10 seconds. You just solder the 2 disconnected wires to the hot and ground leg, like above shown picture. If you're not sure which wire goes where, plug in your guitar cable and turn on your amp, dont crank it up, just lightly so that you could hear something. Test which cable goes where.

Usually, black cable goes to the ground and red one goes to hot. Solder them.

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