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This time its a little different, I posted a thread about my guitar life story..and people said they liked it, so now i'd like to hear your story.. Im going to re-post mine and I'd hope you post yours.


Diary Of A Guitar Player : Ethan Wallace
Chapter One : Discovering The Guitar

Well it all started when I was about 11 years old. I was in the back of my fathers old corsica and he was blasting AC/DC...back then it was all about Dr. Dre and snoop dogg..and I was into that I had the backwards hat and the jerseys..I was all about being all rapish. Well..then came on Back in black..I was bobbing my head to raps in my head and then I heard that 3p0 3p0 2b4 lick..and I thought..wow that was pretty cool..I asked my dad what rapper this was..he said it wasnt any rapper it was a classic rock band that he loved when he was a kid and that their name was AC/DC. I borrowed his CD and started listeing to it. I heard that song so many times.. I asked him did he make that noise and he said it was a guitar..I'd seen guitars before and thought..what a stupid insturment not worth the time or effort.

Chapter Two : Playing For The First Time

I had a friend, my best friend. His name was Tim Cross...He lived across the street from me..he had an electric guitar from Wal-Mart..one day I went over to his house and he was playing guitar..I asked him if I could try it..I set it on my lap and just stared at it.. I didn't know what to do. I asked him what to do..he said just put your fingers on the frets and strum...I did, and got this god awful metallic noise..I hated it. I handed him the guitar and walked out.

Chapter Three : Getting Re-Intrested In Guitar Playing

About two years later..I was watching MTV and this band came on, their name wa Blink 182. It was the song Whats my age again..I only caught the tail end of them running around in their underwear..or naked can't rememeber which. But I laughed, I looked them up online and searched for the video. I found it and watched it, it started out with the guitar player playing that awesome clean lick, it was from there I was hooked. I bought the cd, and listened to it all the time..I asked for a guitar for christmas, but never got it. I went back to my friends tim house and he was playing that riff. I demanded he teach me right then..He tried but since i'd never played before..I couldnt play it. He printed me a tab of it and let me borrow his first guitar. I praticed and practiced until I could play it.. of course I could only play it at 25% speed, but that was good to me. This was about 6 months after X-Mas and I begged for the rest of the 6 months to get a guitar..he told me no..but then on X-Mas I woke up to find a guitar shaped gift under the tree, I can't tell you how happy I was.

Chapter Four : Learning to play the guitar

This is when I was about 15. I had just gotten my guitar and I was playing blink 182 songs constantly. I was getting tabs from this site and trying to play them..I wasnt very good, and my dad would always ask me to learn songs way out of my range (Panama, Classical Gas)..He always wanted me to impress him and I never could. I'd show him the new song I just learned from green day and he'd say well what about playing this song..id look up the tab and see this..


I didn't know what any of that meant, so I brushed it off..well I kept playing these blink songs and green day songs...then around 2003 I found a band called Avenged Sevenfold..i'd never heard such music before, screaming into the microphone..sweep picking..fast licks..I was fascinated..I quickly looked up tabs..only to find a couple songs..I learned how to play them, I found out what Drop D tuning was..Avenged was all I played until their new cd came out I was barely even good enough to play unholy confessions..but on the new cd some of the things I heard. I had to play, it was about this time I found PowerTab.. this greatly helped with my timing and rhythm. I learned songs such as Beast and The Harlot and Trashed And Scattered...with this music I changed who I was on the inside.. I changed how I thought..I changed my appereance. I wore black nail polish. I wore eye makeup and I wore black clothes from hot topic and had a mohawk. I thought I was awesome. No one could bring me down. It was about this time I started smoking weed and I bought a B.C. Rich Warlock. So about 2005 I'd been playing almost two years and I was fairly good at playing Avenged's stuff I figured id try some other stuff. I found Metallica, and Pink floyd and Megadeth. Three bands that fit who I was, maybe not so much Pink Floyd, but I loved David Glimour. I learned songs from them, attepmted solos. I sucked at playing them so I brushed it off, AGAIN. Like always I went back to what I knew..well I knew this week, something had to change.

Chapter Five : Finding Out Who I Am

I am not who I was..I dont wear these clothes. Inside im a good guy who loves smoking weed. I don't like violence. I love to party and hang with friends. I love playing guitar..But the stuff I listen to isn't who I really like. Its who I thought "They" wanted me to like, so I could fit it. I found out that I am who I am. I had an epiphany. I don't like shred..I don't like the image it gives off. I mean shit I had a girl at work call me "Dirty Looking"..how would that someone feel...exactly like crap..so I went back to what I knew..My preppy polos and sunglasses and sandles and jeans..and my acoustic guitar..its what I love. I love sitting on my couch..smoking some weed with the lights dim and listening to Gary Moore, or Tom Petty, or BB King or Eric Clapton or even The White Stripes. That makes me happy it makes me feel good inside and I love playing their music. Eric claptons "Blue Eyes Blue" is probably my favorite song ever. I don't listen to that scremo crap anymore..It's all about what relaxs me.

~Ethan Wallace.

Thank you to anyone who read this. <3

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Uh, ok.
Good for you man.

This is what you get.
This is what you get.
This what you get when you mess with us.
Wow, I can't believe I read all that. I'll post mine in a bit.

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Chapter one - Musical foundations
From as far back as I can remember I have been listening to whatever music my mum did. I grew up without a father, so she was the greatest influence in my life. She was a punk, and I used to put on her make-up, put on a viynl (My favourite artists were Sex Pistols, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath and The Clash), and dance around the living room to the music.
So when I was 11, my mum wanted me to start an instrument. She couldnt afford private lessons, so we got cheap ones at school. The only lessons available were flute or violin. I dind't want either, but my mum kept saying "You'll thank me when your older". So I flipped a coin, and flute it was. I played for a total of 3 years, and practised about 20 mins a night. I didn't really show much interest.

Chapter two - New music, new instrument
Because I was into my mums music, I never listened to the radio much. But one day, I was round a friends house and he slapped on Sum 41 "All Killer No Filler". He puton thesingles, and I thought they were pretty cool, and copied the CD. About a month later, I went backround, and he had a guitar lying on the floor. I asked him what he can play, and he played the intro to "Fat Lip". I thought it was amazing! So from now on, I kept an open mind to new music.
That summer, we were driving up to Scotland, and on the radio camethe biggest new single, RHCP's "By The Way". I was in awe, and soon bought the album. They became my new favourite band. I bought the"Live At Slane Castle" DVD, and watched it religously, and idolising John Frusciante. By now, I didn't eventurn up to my flute lessons, and just used it as an excuse to getout of lesson for a bit, and go smoke a joint in the bus stop withthe older kids. So I asked my mum if I couldquit flute, and start guitar. And she agreed! Bynow, it's February 2004, and I went to m,y first guitar lesson. Within 2 weeks of starting lessons, I told my mum it wasn't a fad, and Iwanted to play guitar for yearsto come, so she bought me a Squier Stratocaster. From my flute years, I knew some theory, andcould read sheet music. I would transcibe songs form my flute book, and go over things I learned in lesson. I practised on average 5 hours a day for the first few months.

Chapter three- Exploring genres
I practised all the time, and even more so when the summer holidays came. During the summerholidays, I didn't go out my way too meet up with friends. I had one friend who lives 5 mins from me. So I went out with him a lot. He got a girlfriend who hung around withal the metal heads in town. So one day when I had nothing to do, I went out with them, and hung around with the Punky people there. These were the only people outside of a few school friends who I knew smoked cannabis. So I started hanging round with them more and more, playing guitar and smoking all day. Because of this, I ended up getting into a bit of metal. I learned to play a few licks from bands such as Chimaria, In Flames, etc. I really liked their unusual guitar styles, but it wasn't where my heart lay. I started going on UG forums often, and got into 2 new bands..... Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I learned every Page lick out there, and tryed to mimic his style. Page and Gilmoure got me into blues, and I learned all the scales, and phases. And it didn't stop there. As a mildway of rebelling after playing guitar about a year, I got into a new unexpected band. The Beatles. Adults seemed to love them, but everyone at school bar none if asked would put themdown and say they were boring. So naturally, I bought "Abbey Road",and loved every second. I adored John Lennon, and bought the whole Beatles and Lennon catalogue.

Chapter four - Where I am today
I've since started a band with my best friend. We've been making music about 7 months now. With influences of Frusciante funky chord ideas, Page bluesy solos, and Lennon for lyrics, and more music theory knowledgethank any of my peers, its a bit of a deadly combination,and plan on sticking with these styles for a while to come.
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That was...interesting.

Glad you saw the light (musically)

EDIT: I'll post mine when I have the time
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Just as a question, what is with people and smoking weed? Oh well, anyways, nice story/stories.
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Quote by SGStrummer61
Just as a question, what is with people and smoking weed? Oh well, anyways, nice story/stories.

Coincidence I'd say. I geuss the majority of this site don't often smoke cannabis.
This already exists in muscians-talk...
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