So yeah... I got a BC Rich as my first electric (after playing acoustic for half a year or so) and then join this site. The guy I know who knows the most about guitars kind of warned me off it but I really like mine (DLX Warlock). It can play pretty but also proper metal, and only cost $250 (£170ish) so I was just wondering- what's the problem with BC Rich? I know that quite a few of their guitars do indeed suck and their said to pay too much attention to the look, but to be honest in Guitar Center I played loads of different makes of guitar (including a Gibson V aka my dream guitar before I went in there) and it played prettier, so yeah... the problem...
well you cant really see anything bad in your first guitar coz you dont know whats good and whats not. and probably your ear hasnt developed enough to hear good and bad tone. and you havent played it long enough for it to start breaking
When you begin to understand and recognize the feel of an instrument, your opinions on a good one will change - It's entirely possible you might continue to like the BC Rich, and it's also entirely possible you may find it suddenly inadiquet a few months down the road.
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i cant find a bc rich made out of alder of mahogany... can some one please point one out to me?? lol its all agsthis or something.. like squire wood.. even the 600 dollar ones are made out of it... if its not agathis its basswood or acrylic..
I have done my research, I took the opinions of loads of people and I played lots of guitars, and I still think it sounds great. I know I'm already saving for others though :P I'd like to think I listen to enough guitar music to know what sounds good.

Lots seem to be made from Nato, Basswood and yeah, Agathis. The Dagger (semi-acoustic) is made from Maple I think.
The guys are right that it's just lack of experience that stops you from seeing the difference at this point.

That being said, a BC Rich is actually a good first guitar. While the materials and parts are cheap, they do have really nice necks that are usually very comfprtable to play. You could have probably done better for the money, but really, it will be a good guitar to learn on.
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Quote by DigUpHerBones
I have done my research, I took the opinions of loads of people and I played lots of guitars, and I still think it sounds great.

Well, IMO you did the right thing. Buy what YOU like, don't buy what someone
else likes. Price doesn't necessarily reflect how good a guitar is. And, in the
final analysis the tone & feel is entirely subjective. You might eventually find other
guitars you like as much or better. Maybe not. If you stick with what you like you
won't ever go wrong.