What is a good guitar for $250 that is versatile enough to play stuff from metal and jazz (would probably play more metal than jazz)
try on of the ibanezzes. rg 350 or something, you might have to save up for that one
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Go to your local guitar shop and see if they have any B stock guitars. They're instruments that aren't sold at the full retail price because of something in the construction...usually just cosmetic damage (like a chip in the paint or something). You could stand to save a lot.
I don't know about $250 ones, but try Epiphones. They're made by Gibson, so most of them are quality, and they're definately versitile. And remember: any guitar can play any kind of music. It's not about the instrument, but the fingers playing it...
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I have an Ibanez RG321MHGN Grey Nickle and it is great. I expected it to sound great on distortion, and it does but I didn't expect it to sound great clean, but it does. This guitar is at MF for $279 now.
ibanez ibanez ibanez ibanez.... i prefer ibanez if you havent gathered that already
Ibanez for sure. I'm thinking about selling mine. I guess PM me if you're interested.
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