written a couple of years ago. About bullying. Personal, but i reckon a lot of people can relate to it. Crit please.

Hey there remember me?
ive come back to haunt your memory
like a fistfull of summer
and a handful of rain
i will never feel like this again
im the person you knew at school
that scared person who just wasnt cool
the one who cried to sleep at night
the one who never got it right


and i wont be needed to apologise
for all your stupid selfish lies
sorry is never easy to say
fifteen years wasted away
and its funny how just a few years ago
you pushed me around it just goes to show
your sorry now im sorry now
its just a word you dont know how to say

Lets take a trip down memory lane
im stronger now i can stand the pain
you useless cow you wrecked my life
and every word cut like a knife
i dont want to have to run away
or hide myself all over again
im not that stupid its easy to see
you just wanted to be me

chorus again

But if you said sorry tommorow
I couldnt throw it all away
And if you said sorry tommorow
I would throw it down the drain
But if i said sorry tommorow
what would you think of me?
I wont say sorry tommorow
It wouldnt cause you that much pain