Alrighty so I have this used Mesa Two Channel Triple Rec that I'm in the process of retubing completely (I picked up relatively cheap because it was in fairly bad condition). Anyways I wanted to just get some suggestions on some good preamp tubes, what you guys use and what other more famous musicians use. The ones in there right now are 12AX7s which are either shot or just not what I'm looking for - can't really tell. I'm looking more for an Alexi from Children of Bodom type distortion. Anyways any help is much appreciated thanks a bunch.
most tube amps today use the 12a*7 family of tubes, the ax7 are the most popular, but au7 and at7 are used often aswell. When you get new tubes look for the ones rated for higher distortion, as many tube manufacturers make different series that are for different types like bluesy, cleaner, overdriven and metal