not really
id rather pay more and a get a Boss or MXR
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Some guy on here says hes got a friend who uses 4 equalizer pedals, all behringer.
I'm still wondering if they're any good
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some are okay to mess around on, but they produce a lot of noise. I've got the EQ, Ultra Metal and Hellbabe wah pedals, and they all sound pretty terrible. I used them for about a week and then never touched them since.
eh, the behringer pedals arent too bad, i own several of them. dont get the distortion or reverb though, they're horrible. the hellbabe wah, if you look at the actual circuit, is the exact same schematic as the dimebag from hell wah, but they use greatly cheaper components, which sound a little noisy, but i like mine. you just gotta play around with it until it becomes near noiseless