I have read the forums and heard alot about this amp. Mainly that it is not worth the money. I have recently come across the Avt50H head and the avt412 cab for 650 Canadian. Should i go for it at that price or is it that bad. Right now i have a spider II 15 and i'm lookin to start playing some small gigs. I play classic rock, blues and some metal.
ive got a avt100 combo it's ok on its own but im playing it through the pod xt live so i think thats what gives it the really good sound so if you are i might think about getting some stomp boxes
I wouldnt suggest it as i heard they are vastly overpriced. Get a fender deluxe for that price (at least its 599$ in the us)
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^$600 in USD is quite a bit more in Canadian.

Topic Creator, If you like it, go for it. $600 Canadian is pretty cheap for an AVT halfstack. The 4x12 AVT cab is about $400 USD by itself. The head is another $400-$500.

I'd say that's a pretty good deal. If you like it, go for it.
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