ive been looking for a new amp and i keep noticing the cd inputs on most of them. my old frontman has the input and i never really bothered with it, but now im just curious; how would one go about hooking a cd player to an amp?
If you don't have a CD input look for a aux in or something. It's for hooking up a CD player so you can jam along with whatever. If not, Just get a boombox or something... If you wanna try you can get a jack splitter and hook it up to your input, one side for your guitar and another for your CD player. If the jack isn't the right size get a adapter. I'm not sure if it works though. I think the Frontman had one for a guitar and another for a mic, but I dont own one so I wouldn't know
cool, so one of these amps im looking at is an RCA input. is that the same thing as the aux input cause on my frontman it just says aux.