I'm looking to buy a bass amp to jam with some friends. It needs to be able to be heard with guitar and drums playing at the same time. How much wattage will I need to achieve that and what do you recommend?

Also - price is def a factor. I don't need anything fancy.
depends how large the guitar amp is, and how loud the drummer plays...but at least 100 watts will be needed...

^15 watts will definitely not be heard over just a drumset, let alone both
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go with 80 watts combo. look at some ashdown combos, i have a nice ashdown stack and recommend that brand.
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SWR makes so nice, combos for about 300, a 12 or 15 inch would be more than enough in competing with a drummer. the working man 12 inch is what i have, and at 120 watts its more than enough
If your jamming with friends you're looking for between 100-200 to be heard nicely.
If your gigging in a medium sized venue, what with the extra noise from PA, monitors etc etc. you'll need at least 300. It would make sense to get the 300 straight off rather than get a 100 and want a 300 very soon after. Ashdown is the way to go for affordable, excellent bass amps.

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