if your reading this and can play november rain, the last solo, anyway, how long did it take you to learn it? any special advice? pointers? hints? etc etc. i already tried it, and its a lot harder then it looks, and my sh*t tone isnt helping either.
greatly appreciated. it just sounds so badass, ive gotta learn it.
Your tone wouldn't make it any harder to play.

As anyone else would say, just practice it. Maybe try to tackle some other solos, and then come back to it in a month or two.
took me about five minutes to learn that solo. thats why i graduated from learning guns n roses songs back when they went to ****.
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just learn it bit by bit thats what i do learn say the first 10 notes and keep playing them over and over untill you can play it without looking at the fret board and then learn the next 10 and so on
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Your tone wouldn't make it any harder to play.

yeah i know, but it definately has an impact on how i hear my playing vs slash's, and how i interpret the notes bla bla bla...it plays a part, is all im sayin.
I have the same problem. I can play the first (although extremely easy) tones, until the fast stuff kicks in.. So I'm stuck as well 0_0
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^amen to that, bro. same here. and what makes it harder to figure out is Axl's damn moaning in the background, it covers half the notes. bah.
its really easy youst learn alterne picking and it should be a piece of cake i tink the first solo is harder than the 3rd you have to barely move your hand its easy just keep practicin i primise youll get it in less than a week or your money back