OK, I have $100 dollers to buy something guitar oriented. I have a Digitech RP200 and a Mt-2. I plan on scrapping those to have a new line up... The only things I need are a Chorus Pedal, Distortion, Phaser and a wah pedal. these are my suggestions, hopefully some of ye might be able to give me advice on them! (also Feel Free to suggest your own with some advice)


I play alot of punk rock and rock stuff...

Distortion: Pro Co Rat Distortion - Would it suit Chilli's and most Punk Rock?
Chorus: Electro Harmonix Small Clone
Wah pedal: Need A Suggestion
Phaser: Need A Suggestion.

so can anyone give any advice/Suggestions on these!?
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You can't get everything for under $100, but what the hell:

Distortion: Pro Co Rat Distortion. Either that or a Russian Big Muff

Chorus: Electro Harmonix Small Clone. Nice choice

Wah pedal: I need to know what do you play, but for now, Vox V847

Phaser: MXR Phase 90 or MXR EVH's phaser
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Oh, ya I forgot to put that Im not buying it all in one go...my bad..lol.... Well, I like to have variation in the wah, for Chillis etc..
For $100 you could get a BOSS DS-1 or SD-1. That's about all you can afford.
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I have a Weeping Demon (Ibanez) wah pedal. It's good for wah leads (especially with distortion) but it can get funky too. It's pretty versatile... I didn't like it at first but once you get the settings to something you're happy with its a good pedal.