all the times that you laughed,
all the times that you cried,
never meant nothing without you by my side,
i have waited along long time,
to finally decide our love will never revive,
is it me, was it you, or is it something we can't do,
did i drown in this love, a tide i couldn't swim,
will i ever get reborn to see you not by me,
short breathes turn to long breathes,
every minute i think of you,
beleiving is not beleiving when i'm left without a clue,
the race to win your heart has been over the day you left,
i hope life gets better for you,
while i'm left burning in this hell,
time has gone by, people have changed,
life now awaits for someone to take over our game,
days will grow apart,
memories won't change,
the love i felt for you will always stay the same.
that's an amazing song. there's just one thing i would reccomend - instead of "to finally decide our love will never revive" put something like "just to decide that our love will never revive". just my opinion. good lyrics though.
I thought this was pretty well written. I liked it, although i dislike this line

"Short breathes turn into long breathes"

I dont know why but it sounded strange to me, aside from that I thought it was good. Could you crit mine? It's the top one in my sig(I need to get rid of the other)
thanks for the crits, i wrote these lyrics to get alot of my ex's stress off my chest! and i'm glad everyone enjoys it so far!