I'm trying to get a metalish but clean sound, and i'm not sure how far i should turn the knobs up for the Gain and stuff like that, any ideas?
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eh my bad, well i want a sound that's like A7x.

I could have guessed that from your username.

Well TBH and as nice as possible...
Ya aint gunna get close with your amp.

What combo amp? AXsys (something like that??), Flex 1, 2 or 3, Vetta or Spyder? And a 210? Sure it's not a 212?

No clue what sound you are trying to get, but read the manual, it will tell you whatkind f gain you can expect from the amp models. I'm only familiar with the Flextone, and have experience only with the II.
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I could have guessed that from your username.

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