someone mind telling me how to get B F# B E G# C# (drop B)using an electric tuner i
apologize for making a thread about this but i havent seen anywhere

thank u so much in advance
If you have a korg i think if you tune it to B it should say the top string is 7B. I not to sure, i usually tune it by ear.
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My tuner has a flat button - I just press that five times and bingo.

It's a Korg GA-30, by the way.
I use my rp50 pedals to tune my guitar. just go from normal tuning eadgbE and go down, just watch for changes and kinda figure it out in ur head its not that hard
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hmm i get what your all telling me but i wanted to know a way to use my tuner
like to get drop C tuning u tune ur low E string 4th fret to E then tune everyother string on 2nd fret to string note like tune A 2nd fret to A D 2nd fret to D n so forth...
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i tune by ear, so, i'm a n00b in tuners(except by the tuner on my amp)

then why post in thread i made asking for help... im sry if i sound rude but if ur not gonna help me dont reply
Well, is your tuner chromatic or no? In case you're not sure, chromatic tuners show the note name you're playing, and whether its in tune, and non-chromatic just show if it's in tune.
lol my tuner does NOT HAVE F or C ...
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thanks for the help but i got it tune 5th fret on low E to Low E and 3rd fret of everyother string to the open string note
very helpful u guys... :\ its a half step below drop C
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plug in the korg tuner...and basically downtune all the strings start with the thinest string and work up...(this is assuming your in anything besides drop A) your high e string will go c# in what is it 3 steps...? believe me just downtune it while its plugged in
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