ive been playing guitar for two years now and im at the stage where i want to become really good. i was wondering if you guys could suggest some solos or riffs that would improve my technique.

at the moment i am playing stuff like the sweet child o mine solo (is this good or bad?)
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Well, I think goals are important. Do you know what you want to be really good at?

As MySweetFracture has implied, you can probably figure out what you want to achieve by looking at the music you enjoy. You may want to have the ability to play quickly and precisely, or be adept at improvising over complex chord changes, or have great phrasing, or play slide guitar, or be a tapping and sweep picking expert...

The list of possibilities goes on. Your goals will no doubt change as your tastes do, but if you have defined what you want to improve, there is a better chance that not only can the people here help, but that you can accomplish these goals.
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I say try to master something a bit difficult but not too hard to where you get frustrated. Also if you're not too positive about your direction practice something that is used in many genres. Try alternate picking the intro to "Sweet Child Of Mine". It'll help out with skipping strings and alternate picking. Two useful tactics in any form of music.