I don't know, my freind is selling one, but he doesnt know how much it was new since he got it as a present.

And I don't wanna over pay.

Any estimates?
Well I play high gain stuff, so it should be alright... I'll still try it out first.

Does anyone know how much they sell for, I'm guessing 200-300?
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$300 sounds like a fair price for both you and the seller to me. Again, though, it comes down to whether you like the tone you get from the amp and not what other people tell you.
Well i got a 120 version for $530 used, so maybe half of that... Oh and if you change the tubes it makes a huge difference, just put a whole new set in and it sounds awesome in my opinion... $200-$300.
well, once browsing on craigslist this guy was giving the same head and cab away for 400, it was used, but didnt have anything wrong with it. i thought 400 was a fair price for the head and cab

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