Well it's been a week or so since the first song I posted, so I decided to post another one. This is tenatively titled but there's a reason behind the one it has now. On June 24th of this year there was a benefit stunt show thing for one of my parents' friends who got seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last summer. The night before, my parents stayed out at the campground and got stuff ready for the show so I was home alone for the night, which meant I could go to sleep whenever I wanted and I could pretty much do anything I wanted to. I got this idea that I would stay up all night (or however long it took) and write a song, just go on a marathon of composing and arranging until I had a complete song that I was happy with. I didn't feel tired at all, so I went for it. I just started playing random things on my guitar with no rhythm behind it and I got lucky enough to make a riff that actually sounded good, which ended up being the opening riff of the song. I finished it at around 6:00 in the morning, it took 6 and a half hours to finish but I pulled it off, and I figured it was one of my better songs so I'd share it.
One night song.zip
I liked it......the only thing wrong was that it was poorly structured....my favorite parts were the 1's were it got clean.......8/10......crit mine? in the sig
Yeah I guess it was pretty cool. It had a weird feel to it, especially the clean guitar parts. The key changes worked out pretty well, if thats even what they're called. 7/10.
yah, it was pretty cool, it would be kinda weird, and then it would become bad ass, and then go back again, lol, crit mine if you get a chance its just an idea, Remains of the Night, or any of the ones in my sig, thanks!!!