ive been into guitars now for about 2 years now and im ready to get a new guitar. u guys have been into guitars longer than i have and i need ur expert advice. what are the best guitars to get? i mean i need a list of them. im thinking of getting a les paul but im wondering if thats the best or really great guitar or is there better ones with more stuff on them for good prices. nothing expensive like 1000 dollars or anything but like 300 dollars. and im looking into guitar kits where u build the guitar. thanks for ur help
Kits? Wow. Can't help you there.

But what kind of music do you want to play? And it really depends where you shop.
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300 dollars? Save up a lot more beofre getting a new one, as more than likely the guitar you have right now is the same as one around that price range.
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u cant go wrong with a Fender Strat might be a bit over your budget but its a guitar for life!
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ya the fender strat is always a good pick and you wont get a les paul for 300 and even if you get and epiphone les paul (like what i have) you are spending over 600 (mine was 750 for the custom)
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well i play mostly rock like afi and stuff. the kits are like a 100 dollars or so and they're great. but i just need a brand or type from u guys to help me decide.
well i dont know if exactly bulidin a guitar will get what you want 300 for a gibson les paul will not get you one unless ebay is feelin good agile is your best best great place heard lots of positive stuff on it
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I need a new guitar
Fender Strat or Ibanez RG321. I've got both and they are great. Just got my new Ibanez today it is Grey Nickle.