i was just wondering...what do scalloped frets do to enhance a guitar...are they necessary to certain types of play and why do some people only scallop only a few frets?
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Easier Slides More Control.

Because the last few frets are harder to reach, and smaller, so that they're harder to stop on.
scalloping makes for easier and wider bends. No, you dont need a scalloped fret board to play a certain style, its all preference.
Gives more control of strings, since your finger isnt touching the fretboard, it wont get stuck if you're trying to acomplish bends or vibratos. However, its actually harder to play fast on a scalloped neck. Most ppl scalloped their neck 20th and above is because those frets are harder to press on due to stubby fingers, and to some, those frets are very close to each other.

Yes, its easier to press on a scalloped but if you press it too much the note will run off. If you press on the 20th fret or above, it wont go as far off as pressing hard on the, lets say, 7th fret, coz the gap between fretwires on the 20th is smaller. There are some who say that its not much of a difference, scalloping 20th fret - above.
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Some people like scallopped frets because it helps them play much better.
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It give you better grip on the strings, hence more control. But that mean higher action, hence harder to shred.
it also alows you to, if you play a chord where all the notes are fretted, raise the pitch of any of the note(s) at any given time, just by pressing harder on the strings
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If you want to feel how it feels like on a scaled down version, try a guitar with jumbo frets, but really, scalloped fretboards are like guitars with frets as big as man tits.