The takamine gs330s sounds like a really nice guitar when playing single notes or fingerpicking, but when i strum - the chord sounds pretty muddled. Seems like the bass notes drowns out the higher notes - doesnt sound all that pleasant. Is there something wrong with the way I strum? (i'm a beginner, but i've played on other guitars that dont sound so muddled when i strum) I love the loud volume of the takamine but when strumming it seems almost too loud.
Either your strummimg technique is poor or you might need new strings. You'll learn how to strum and get the sound you want as you become more proficient in your playing.

Strings will go dead after a while and you'll need to change them.

You could try strumming closer to the bridge/saddle (below the soundhole) and that will bring a more pronounced treble to the sound of it.
Try strumming over different places on the guitar, the end of the fretborad will give a smoother sound, over the soundhole will be clear and loud and at the bridge will be very bright and twangy (this will also reduce buzzing of frets).

Make sure the guitar is sitting up straight on your lap and your arm is not touching the top of the body of the guitar. Also look out for acidental mutin gof the strings.

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Well it's a dreadnought guitar so it's going to have deeper bass notes. but if you're playing the chords correctly it should be fine. Ex: When you play a C chord, if you hit the top E string as well, it will sound deeper.
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sounds like you need to practice your strumming... keep at it. people don't seem to realize it, but right hand technique is like 80% of making anything sound good. practice, practice, practice!

EDIT: by right hand, i meant strumming hand.
ok thanks guys

its working much better now

i just realized that i need to strum more lightly with this guitar vs guitars i've played in the past that have much less volume - thinner picks work out better too

one question i have about the takamine gs330s - i plan to use this guitar for a good while, but since it has a cedar top and has a satin finish, will it be really easy to damage?

one other gripe about it is that it doesnt have any abalone inlays which makes it slightly easier for me to play the notes

other than that though, its sound is really nice - loud and clear - warm but still kinda bright and it looks very awesome
the top is definitely soft on this guitar and it will scratch and ding much easier than a spruce top guitar. scratches and dings won't affect the audible sound of the guitar 99.9% of the time though so every nick is just character

though the guitar doesn't have fret marker inlays on the fingerboard, it should have them on the top of the neck. use those. after you've been playing for a little while you won't ever be bothered by that anyway. the biggest complaint i get out of that guitar is when playing with other people it's harder for them to follow me playing because it doesn't have those inlays.... but that's really no sweat of my back.