Has anyone tried out or even heard of these guitars? I'm thinking about getting one of the two that are currently out right now. Most likely will get the Demonator. Any opinions?
The only downside I can see is its made of basswood. Basswood being very soft, and when it starts to deteriorate you can't repair it due to the softness of the wood.

While it makes for a pretty good low end guitar, I wouldn't trust it on a bass.

If you really like it, get it. I would in any case, change out the pickup (just dont choose actives).
Basswood....works for a good low end guitar, but not well for a bass?

That's rich.
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Good basswood isn't bad at all.

The EBMM Bongo (Which is FTW) is basswood.

It's always what the company makes of it, and I wouldn't hesitate playing/having a Dean Razorback bass which is neck thru basswood.

But then again I'm also a dimebag darrell *****.
I don't play the kind of musc you do on my Dean, but I must say, the Deans I have played have awesome punch. Sometimes I think they take after the Musicman ( I forget which one) with the quiet G, though. But I'm pretty sure that Metal doesn't usually go that high, though.
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