I just recently bought an electric bass off my friend, and it looks like it's pretty old. Its been sitting in his basement for the past god-knows-how-many years, and I noticed a couple of screws on the pickups are a bit rusted. The bass as a whole is still in very good shape, and I was just wondering if it would be okay to play it as is? I was thinking of buying new pickups and having them installed, but after looking online, the only split coil pickups I can find are at least $60 bucks, which is more than I payed for the bass. Anyone know of any cheaper split coils and where to get them?


Oh, wait, the screws IN the pickups or the screws HOLDING ON the pickups? (I assumed they were the ones holding it on)
just give them a little scrape with a wire brush. but a little rust shouldn't be too bad.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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well, not the SCREWS.. to be more specific, the pins that make up part of the pickup, Im not sure what they're called. Theres some minor rusting, Im just worried that I might get electrocuted or something. Also, I dont have any pics, no digital camera yet

I looked on Guitar Center's site and didnt find ANY split coil pickups.. anyone know where I can find some? Thanks!
yeah, yeah the pole pieces, they're the rusted parts. Are they going to be okay if theyre a bit rusted?
lol alright, thanks a bunch guys

so uh, anyone know where to get some decent pickups? which companies make semi-decent pickups?
Show us some pictures! What if its like, a 50s Fender. You'd be the luckiest man on earth. :p
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