hey guys i was just wondering how many watts my amp should be if im looking to play a show at a local community center with my band. We're gonna be playing in a room the size of a basketball court. My guitarist has a 100 watt amp and we have drums and all.

any help is appreciated
i play a 100 watt bass amp against two 120 watt guitar amps and drums and i am deffinitly heard and im only playing with the amp at alittle over half.
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You'll definetly be fine. Are the amps going to me miced?, if so you'll be set to go, but either way it will be fine.
what about putting it through a PA system or is that the same as being miced
if the room is gonna be filled quite a bit you'll need about 300 watts. acoustics in a gym are killer.

PA system is the same as micing pretty much. ur sending a signal from ur amps to bigger speakers. cept one might be direct line out and the other an actual mic infront of the amp.
If you need vocals, chances are there will be some sort of PA.

100 watts should do you just fine... although, it depends on the speaker size as well. I have found that a 15" speaker projects better than a 10".

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uhhh mines a 10"

and yopur point is? i am sure a 15 will project better
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