... who likes bands like Maximo Park, The Coral, The Jam and other british based guitar music.

A certain trigger was possibly one of the biggest highlights of my last musical year, and the coral go from strength to strength.

I know the Jam are old but they are my favourite band. Weller is God and changed British music forever! For the best!
the jam are cool, the cant say ive ever heard The Coral, but Maximo Park are utter shite, i really cant see why anybody would listen to that....it just seems...crap
I love the jam, not so keen on the other 2, but a couple of maximo's parks released stuff was good, i should really buy the album.
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You're not the only person on UG who liked british based guitar music, I personally love it when you say it like that, but I don't really like Maximo Park. The Coral though, have some fantastic songs, every album they do they seem to have 3 or 4 mint tracks, and then some **** ones

But British based guitar music is often discussed in Alt & Indie. Get there