Anyone have any experience w/ MusiciansFriend or any similar online guitar dealer? Especially, ever have to return a guitar? How is the experience?

How much do you have to pay to ship it back to the company? (Or is it free)
umm not exactly sure about the price but you better have the original packaging the exact same box as teh one they shipped it in to you thats one of their uptight rules
You can ship it back for free but ship it back in the box like crash_course said.And you have i think 45 days to do it.
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I shipped two guitars back
both times cuz there was something wrong so the shipping was free
I've sent 3 guitars back to MF. 2 of them I paid for the shipping. The 3rd, the shipping was paid by MF. The reason that they paid for it was that the guitar had bad damage from shipping.

So if you just don't like it, then you have to pay. But if it arrives at your house damaged, MF will pay.

Their customer service was VERY good to me. I would definitely buy from them again.
if you live in canada by a long and mcquade you can take it there and they'll do everything neccessary. They deal with them all the time. Well at least the one around here does
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