Hey all, I just bought a Vox AD30VT with 11 effects. I was wondering if anyone had one and has any suggestions on songs that sound really good with the amp models etc? I've just been playing some Gun's N Roses (Welcome to the Jungle, US HiGain with Delay) and can't think of any else. Any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
nice job, i've got one too and love it.

look up the tabs for led zeppelin's song "no quarter" on this site, there's one that tabs out some of the keyboard intro for the song for guitar. use your neck pickup and the flanger/reverb with one of the clean settings, then set the other channel to your choice of the distorted tones for the other parts. i always have a lot of fun jamming on this one.

btw for the clean on this song i use tweed 4x10 and us high gain for distortion, but i just go for what i think sounds cool rather than exactly what jimmy's tone is.
id just take a song i alrdy know and just change it around a bit. put some effects on it, maybe play it an octave higher i dono. i do this with all along the watchtower and **** all the time.
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oh yeah that reminds me, it's cool to mess with the flanger and a wah going through the chords for all along the watchtower with a ton of gain. change chords in time with the effect and it's really cool.
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If you wanna use ur effects a lot try playing RHCP stuff. I think Under the Bridge thier only song that doesnt have any effects.