well , when it comes to songwriting lyrics come easier than guitar parts for me, so how do you do it? i just can't make a good riff or intro to song. and then when i get to other parts of the songs i can't think of anything, cause i don't know to much about theory. can someone help me?


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yep. learn theory.

props though, i can't write lyrics to save my life so in my eyes you're doing well.
Theory is your friend.
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Theory just came to me. I know a scale when i hear it. You just gotta play around in a scale and you can make one up as you go when you know which notes are supposed to be natural and Sharp or flat. Hell, i'll make up a riff or solo for you and your band if you email me. I have billions of songs if I could remember them. (I have PTMS{Post Term Memory Loss}) Just Kidding... I just make songs up as i go and i have to write them down as i go
theory has nothing to do with it - you must have some idea of how the song should go in your head. or how you want it to go. you have to materialize your thought process. or just play along while you sing and just play what comes naturally. that's what i do. i sit down with a riff and the rest just comes out. so don't worry about theory and how to write a good riff. just sit and play. it'll come eventually.
Hey!!! EXTRA, EXTRA,!! i got a brilliant idea, stupid. Make up a riff in you head and then tab it yourself. It also works. If you can't even make up a riff in your head, you are one dumb bitch.

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The longer you write the better you get. You can't pick up a guitar, drum set, bass ect. and be god awfully good, it takes time just like lyrics. There no easy way just time and exsperience, just like everything else in the world. I'm not an asshole it's the cold truth.
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